Biogas Program for the Animal Husbandry Sector in Vietnam
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Vietnam Biogas Association launching ceremony to be held
Advocacy group for the establishment of VBA in pre-meeting
The advocacy group for the establishment of Vietnam Biogas Association (VBA) held a preparatory meeting for the launching ceremony of VBA expected to be take place in April 9th 2011.
25/03/2011 16:58
Vietnam Biogas Association (hereinafter called VBA) is a social – occupational organization which is possessed by Vietnamese individual or organization and voluntarily established to cooperate, connect and mutually support in developing occupation and protecting legal rights of members in biogas sector. VBA plays role in connecting individuals, organizations in biogas sector with government offices in raising ideas to improve the institutional system, policy. It also integrates into international economy with biogas organizations in the world following respectful, equal and mutually beneficial principal and following Vietnamese law; contributes to the economy growth and greenhouse emission reduction.

To institutionalize the participation of individuals/ organisations working on the biogas sector in Vietnam, the Vietnam Biogas Association was initiated in 2009 and had their first meeting on regulatory aspects in November 2009. Director of Department of Livestock Production was voted to be the Head of Advocacy Group.

In 2010, BPD has done its utmost to complete all related documents and procedures supporting Advocacy Group. Thank to BPD, VBA is formally established according to the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Decision no. 1380/QD-BNV dated 1/12/2010.
Currently, about 100 individuals/ organizations sent application form to join VBA. With a view to bring together all biogas actors, the Advocacy Group expects a successful term of executive board that will be elected in the First Congress of VBA to be held in April 9th 2011. That event will create the opportunity for all individuals/ organizations to meet share and unite each other toward the common block and a developed biogas sector generating more benefit for the socio-economic of Vietnam.
Ảnh: Ban vận động thảo luận để tổ chức Đại hội

All individuals/ organization are warmly welcome to apply for the membership of VBA via below address:

Biogas Project Division
R.104, 2G bld, Van Phuc Diplomatic Compound, 298 Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Tel: 04.3.7261771/ Fax: 04.3.7261773


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